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Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G Servers

Next Generation of the World's Best-Selling Server.

Our team at Fahrenheit Design has been working closely with the Dell EMC Experience Design Group envisioning and designing the future of Dell EMC servers. After a long and challenging process of designing under various constraints, the 14G servers are now on the market.


Modern and smart design. 

Designing within such a complex environment requires a combined effort of designers and engineers, working in several iterations. Key elements of the design are: 

Consistency and Alignment - primary functions were located at a consistent place on all servers. Since it is not always possible to free real-estate on the front of the system, and as density is an important aspect for servers, these functions were relocated to the server ears which are common to all systems, and were previously occupied only with latching handles and branding. 

System construction - the more traditional way of constructing a server chassis is to attach them to the outside of the sheet metal construction. The new chassis design integrates the latches into the construction, making it more rigid and enabling a more efficient use of space by freeing up the main area of the chassis.

Wireless connection - servers traditionally have a display for setup and maintenance. Following the success of the wireless bezel on the previous server generation (13G), the new system offers connectivity that is integrated into the chassis and is intuitive to interact with.

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