Real-time Yoga Coach

Vidya is a concept for the an augmented reality (AR) wearable that provides real-time AI feedback for Yoga students.  After attending yoga classes and talking to several yoga teachers, we sought to craft our version of “the future of a yoga class”. Our solution was to transform the traditional yoga practice into an experience that guides yogis with personalized information as they go through a class.

We designed a device that is comfortable to wear while practicing yoga. Through the device, the students can see themselves performing the pose while getting feedback on where they can improve. Via AR they can also see the instructor at all times, regardless of their head orientation. Being able to see the instructor is an important feature. Previously, unexperienced yogis had to look at their teacher or at other people practicing to keep up with the class flow. Now, they can see the correct way of performing a pose directly in front of their eyes.



Rigid class schedule, lost equipment


Difficult to have a personal training schedule.

in class

Poor view of instructor, no view of yourself, pace/difficulty is different than anticipated.

after class

Receive brief personal feedback and unable to gage progress.



If you are learning yoga at home, you probably need to put your chunky laptop in front of you. In this case, you will have to steer at the screen instead of focusing on your poses. It is not only an annoying learning experience and it is also easy to get injure.
















Easily start your yoga class remotely.

Introduce how to use the headset to start the amazing VR yoga experience. Introduce how to use the headset to start the amazing VR yoga experience.